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We’re Rolling: A Look at the history of The Police Unity Tour

The Police Unity Tour kicks off National Police Week each year. We take you back to last year with a screenplay highlighting the tour.

The Police Unity Tour, the famed bicycle ride that flows from Jersey to D.C. honoring officers lost in the line of duty, was in turnaround after its first run in 1997. The directors came to meet the NJ State PBA leadership, and with a push from the union, the Tour has become one of the most spectacular law enforcement events ever, anywhere. The 18th Tour rolled into the National Law Enforcement Memorial for Police Week this month and added to its history, social
significance – and entertainment value – that compels directors to make films like Chariots of Fire, Hoosiers or Breaking Away. When the story does make it to the big screen, it might go something like this…

Body Camera 1

The Evidence of Body Cameras

The NJ State PBA brought in an expert at the annual mini-convention in Atlantic City to weigh in on the use of body cameras in police departments.

May’s Front Lines