A delegate’s report you won’t want to miss

The major responsibility of a NJSPBA state delegate is to act as liaison between the state and local associations, reporting all matters of interest. This is most often done at the monthly Local meeting; however, at times there are urgent matters that need to be communicated immediately. The March state delegates meeting was certainly one of those instances. Because each Local is unique and a good delegate knows how to communicate best with her/his members, the delegate’s report needs to be carefully prepared to make sure that everyone receives the message clearly.

Franklin Township PBA Local 154’s Mark Keller was kind enough to share his delegate’s report with me as an example of how to inform the membership in a manner that will keep their interest and spark discussion. He sent an email to all members of Local 154 to avoid any delay in explaining several pressing issues. Bro. Keller has allowed me to share this with all PBA members, with the proviso that I do not alter any of the grammatical, syntax or spelling errors. He was adamant that those were purposely left in for the effect of urgency in relaying the message. I respect and appreciate how well he presented the following:

Good morning everyone, I’m gonna get right into it with….


Let me not beat a dead horse, but I will!!! It has been brought to my attention that we can face a 2nd degree charge of Deprivation of civil rights if a juvenile gets hurt during the search for alcohol or marijuana. For instance:

You’re on routine patrol and of course you’re doing your park checks. You come to Bascom Park where you come across a group of individuals that should not be there, after dark, and you smell the odor of marijuana. You get out to investigate and you see what APPEARS to be an adult, acting a little squirrely. Like all good officers do and write in their reports “For Officer safety I patted this individual down for weapons”. This individual runs from you, and you give chase. Being that this individual is not as athletically inclined as you, he falls, you jump on him and make the collar…… Hurrrayyyy…. You find out this individual is a JUVENILE and now has a broken leg. You can now potentially be charged with the 2nd degree Deprivation of civil rights.  

There is NO CLARITY, NO DIRECTION and we are not wonderfully VERSED in this new law. So, if you want to roll the dice, let me know how it works out. Allegedly, the AG will be sending a liaison to every county prosecutor office to assist and answer questions with this new ridiculous law. Hopefully, we will get CLARITY, DIRECTION and become well VERSED in this soon, so that the criminals just don’t walk off into the sunset and we are fighting for our lives for doing our jobs.


I was sitting in my lounge chair the other day smoking (A CIGAR) and reading the New York Post. I began reading an article talking about certain Dr. Seuss books being banned. All I could do was shake my head and I moved to the next article. Some of you are very passionate about your beliefs and may have taken your displeasure to social media and said some things that could attract groups that may not like police officers very much. You are again rolling the dice. Now, some of you may be saying, but Keller what about my first amendment rights, my freedom of speech??? I would say you’re right, but Franklin Twp and the many anti police groups waiting for us to slip may not agree. Everyone of your friends on your social media accounts, may not really be your friends!!!!  We have a great Internal Affairs Division, and while I can say they are not looking for anything like this, if it’s brought to their attention they will have to act. So, in the end you may have all the green eggs and ham and legalized marijuana you want, if you lose your job  BE SMART!!!

20 and out……

This has finally been passed and is now on the governor’s desk waiting to be signed. This will allow you to retire after serving 20 years at 50% and NO HEALTH BENEFITS!!!! There will be a 2yr trial period to see how this will affect the funded value of the pension. Please, if you are thinking of this, check your finances and make sure you’ll be able to provide yourself with some type of medical benefits.

Lastly, Off Duty work down the shore or anywhere…..

During our State delegate meeting this was brought up and if it was brought up, it means someone F’d up. When you’re off duty and not working for Franklin Twp, and decide you’re gonna make $25 hr working Security at Martell’s Tiki Bar wearing a “POLICE” shirt and something happens (and you know it will), YOU ARE NOT COVERED BY L.P.P !!!!


Ok, now i’m done cause some of you may have stopped reading or some of you are like, “alright already Keller.” While I may try to allow for some levity in my emails and get a lil smile from you all, these are very serious matters and will destroy your lives if you don’t move cautiously. Please don’t be that guy or gal…..

Stay safe and Healthy,