Chatham Township Local 170 makes memories on the golf course

There’s nothing like a day on the golf course to help PBA members relax, get away from the job and appreciate the little things in life.

Such was the case when Chatham Township Local 170 got to have a day on the golf course on July 1.

Local 170 member Connor Manning, organizer of the event at Fairmount Country Club in Chatham Township, praised the opportunity for members to take part in a “hands-on event.”

“We must have had almost the entire PBA show up because they know it was going to be an all-hands-on-deck kind of thing,” he commented.

Manning started the event last year in an effort to connect the community with Local members while having a carefree day on the course.

“[I] just kind of put a whole thing together where everybody can have a beautiful day out on a beautiful golf course,” Manning noted.

Local 170 members weren’t the only ones to take part. Members from Harding Township Local 340 and Chatham Borough Local 226 also came out to participate.

Manning added that it was a beautiful day on the course.

“Every one of the participants that we talked to along the way was saying how much of a good time they were having,” Manning continued. “Everyone just was laughing, shooting decent or bad shots on the golf course and just having a really good time.”