Cherry Hill donates to local food pantry through Annual Golf Classic

Cherry Hill Local 176 was able to donate $3,000 to the Cherry Hill Food Pantry due to the success of its 5th Annual Golf Classic. The event, which was cancelled last year due to COVID restrictions, saw a large turnout of more than 160 participants.

“We literally had to rent some golf carts at the last minute,” said Local 176 Delegate Stephen A. Warren. “It was a well-attended event. A lot of support from various organizations and other departments and Locals.”

Warren was particularly impressed with the camaraderie surrounding the event, revealing that all the golfers were happy to interact and bond with each other once again.

“Everyone just had a large smile on their face out there,” Warren relayed. “I think with everything that has gone on with the whole COVID situation, we’ve learned to not take things for granted and just enjoy life with one another when we can.”

Warren explained that while the golfing event was enjoyable, the real goal of being able to help assist the local food pantry was the main purpose behind the Annual Golf Classic.

“Giving back is the ultimate service we can do as human beings,” Warren noted. “To help one another. We’ve really emphasized charity events and distributing donations this year. A couple of months ago, we teamed up with the local firefighter unions and we were able to donate over 2,000 pounds of food to the same food pantry.”