Civil Service to administer entry-level exam in 2023

Test Prep 

If you have been waiting for the next entrance exam to become a police officer, sheriff’s officer or county corrections officer in New Jersey, the New Jersey Civil Service Commission (NJ CSC) has recently announced that the exam application period will be open until March 31, 2023. For 2023, CSC is using a one-month application period, compared to the two month application period it used in the past. Therefore, anyone interested in taking this exam should complete the online application on the CSC site ASAP.

This exam is formally known as the Law Enforcement Examination (LEE), and according to the NJ CSC, the next announcement for the administration of the exam is tentatively scheduled for the summer of 2023. While CSC did administer the LEE in 2022 for all of the state’s civil service jurisdictions, the 2023 announcement is only for about 125 of the state’s civil service jurisdictions. This means that about one third of civil service agencies in the state will have a new list to hire from, once lists are issued from the 2023 exam. This is a very important change, because even if a person is on the list now for a jurisdiction, their score will no longer be valid on the new list once the 2023 results are released.

The CSC documents for the 2023 exam specifically state that “any previous announcement examination cycle will not be carried over to the 2023 announcement. Anyone wishing to receive a score and be included on one or more of the 2023 LEE eligible lists must apply for the specific announcement/symbol issued for the jurisdiction and title in which you are interested, pay the related fee(s), and take and pass the examination scheduled for 2023.”

So, to be clear, if someone is on a list in any one of the jurisdictions testing in 2023 and they do not take the 2023 exam, they will no longer be on that jurisdiction’s list.

CSC is also using the application process that was established in 2022. Previously, applicants filed one application and selected the titles that they were interested in. When the results were issued, the successful applicants were placed in a “pool.” Under the system established in 2022, applicants must file a separate application for each particular job and title they are interested in. Under the revised process, the NJ CSC has issued individual entry-level exam announcements for each specific department, and in 2023, only some jurisdictions are included in the announcement.

A complete list of all the jurisdictions testing in 2023 can be found on our website at: html, along with multiple articles with information about the 2023 entry-level exam.