Florham Park Local 78 members make sure no child gets left behind

Florham Park Local 78 members went above and beyond for kids. During the past few months, Local 78 has been going all out, including these examples of their selfless acts.

Local 78 members hosted a Climb With a Cop event, raising funds for children with Barth syndrome. The disease is characterized by having an enlarged or weakened heart. Local 78 gave the check to a local boy named Thomas, whom the donation was made in honor of.

Local 78 wasn’t done on their mission to give back. Just as with Climb With a Cop, Local 78 held Skate With a Cop to support one special child in particular. Salvatore Piccolo Jr. was diagnosed with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia last August, so the event at the skating rink was all about Team Salvatore.

Local 78 members know there’s nothing worse for a family than hearing their child has been diagnosed with cancer, which is why they decided to support local middle school student Ben. Along with the New Jersey LEO Jiu Jitsu and Gael Force BJJ, they hosted a jiu jitsu night to benefit the young man, who has been living with Hunter syndrome, meaning he can’t properly break down sugar molecules. Most recently, Ben had also been diagnosed with a rare brain cancer, so it’s safe to say Local 78 needed to jump in.