For old-timers’ sake

Middlesex-Somerset County Conference hosts night to celebrate the past

The Middlesex-Somerset County Conference Old Timer’s Night, an 11-year tradition, once again came to life on June 21 after a yearlong hiatus due to the pandemic.

The event, which is one of the most well-attended social gatherings every year, was created by past county conference chairman and current NJSPBA President Pat Colligan, with the purpose of bringing former delegates from generations of union representation out for a night of entertainment.

“There are a lot of aspects that make it special to attend,” County Conference Chair Joe Dudley, the Dunellen Local 146 State Delegate, declared. “The different venue, in the Raritan River Golf Club, makes it a little more special. Out on the water, that changes things. Having live music on hand, the atmosphere, and the turnout is absolutely spectacular. It all contributes to making the Old Timer’s Night a really special event.”

As members had the opportunity to meet with those who came before them, they had an opportunity to realize the importance of perpetuating connections with the old-timers.

“We want to see the younger membership coming along,” Dudley added. “It’s only through the networking and the conversations that we truly learn where you’re going. Because if you don’t know where you’ve been, how could you possibly know where you’re going? And that alone is invaluable. I’d like to see it go for another 10, 20, 30 years down the line.”