Hamilton Township Local 66 member raises funds for the Miracle League

The chorus to Bob Seger’s famous song “Against the Wind” declares:

“We were running against the wind. We were young and strong. We were running against the wind.”

There might not have been any actual wind on June 11, when Hamilton Township Local 66 member Frank Palmieri and his brother-in-law Kevin Crosby ran the David Goggins 4 by 4 by 48. But they were still running against some kind of “wind,” you might say.

The 4 by 4 by 48 raises money for the Miracle League of Mercer County, which provides all-inclusive baseball programs for individuals with special needs and other fun experiences for athletes.

For Palmieri, this event is close to the heart because his son Nico is a member of the Miracle League, so he knew this challenge needed to be completed.

In the event, participants must run four miles every four hours for all 48 hours. The event began at noon on Friday, June 9, and didn’t stop until that Sunday.

At the end of their last route, members of Local 66 and Robbinsville Local 344 came to cheer them on, with some Local 66 members meeting Palmieri at the finish line.

When all was said and done, the efforts raised $3,000 for the Miracle League.