Hoboken Local 2 honors retiring Chief Ferrante

Current and former members of the Hoboken PD, Hudson County police agencies and Hoboken city residents honored retiring Chief Kenneth Ferrante on June 30.

Ferrante had served in the police force for over 28 years, having been sworn in as a law enforcement officer in 1993. During his tenure, Ferrante has received numerous commendations in multiple assignments that include anti-crime and community policing.

After years of excellent service, Ferrante became vice president of Local 2 and president of Local 2 PSOA and was eventually awarded the rank of Hoboken’s 10th chief of police in 2014. Under his leadership, Local 2’s department reduced violent crimes in the community by more than 25 percent.

His many defining efforts as chief of police include creating the emergency service, waterfront and parks units and expanded traffic and investigative bureaus.

Ferrante will be succeeded by acting Police Chief Daniel LoBue III.