Morristown Local 43’s Cops & Rodders tradition continues

Every summer for three years, Morristown residents have looked forward to a community event that has united civilians, law enforcement, and some of the nicest custom cars in the state of New Jersey. In 2017, Morristown Local 43 members first came up with the idea to use their passion for vintage cars to organize an event that would increase officer interaction with the community. The idea commenced with the efforts of Local 42 members who spend their time off the job working to keep their classic cars in mint condition. Since then, the city has benefitted in more ways than one from Local 43 Cops & Rodders car show.

The Local now looks forward to another season of filling the Morristown Green with antique cars of all makes, models, colors, and sizes while bringing the families together and supporting local businesses.

The success of the Morristown Cops & Rodders event is the result of many Local 43 members working together, including retired Local 43 member Terry Weaver, whose U.S. Army Jeep Willy is always a big hit, and Gerry Rota, another retired member, who plays a vital role keeping the sign-in sheets and tickets sales moving. Residents and families also look forward to collecting the Morristown Local 43 T-shirts designed especially each year.

What started as an effort to connect with the community has now turned into a yearly tradition led by Local 43 members, and they can’t wait for the 2020 Cops & Rodders event.