Promotion for Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office Local 265

Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office Local 265 celebrated the dream-come-true promotion of Joseph Macones on Feb. 14 from Detective First Grade to Detective Sergeant.

Macones now serves as a member of the investigative staff in the Arson Unit of the Major Crimes Division. He served as Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office Local 265 State Delegate for eight years prior to this recent promotion.

“This has been such a rewarding opportunity for me that I will truly miss,” Macones shared about being relieved of his State Delegate duties during his promotion speech in February. “I have always been about helping other people, and this has been just another rewarding opportunity that has made a huge impact on my life.”

He was accompanied on stage by his wife, Jennifer, and two young children, Vanessa and Chris, who held the Bible for their father as he was sworn in to his new role.

“All of this work has come at a cost,” Macones wrapped up in his speech. “I thank my family for being here today and always supporting me every step of the way.”