Thanksgiving Roundup

Another feast-ive giveaway in Passaic

Local 14 members step up again to feed those in need

A little pandemic math seemed worthy of applying to the annual Passaic Local 14 Thanksgiving turkey giveaway. Local 14 once again distributed 500 turkeys to families in need, who gathered in front of City Hall on Nov. 23.

Figure one turkey of this size can feed up to 10 people. That’s 5,000 people who could have enjoyed a hearty Thanksgiving meal. Now, multiply that by a factor of 10, perhaps, given how the pandemic has left so many families struggling to put food on the table. And then add in how the Local 14 turkey giveaway bolstered the efforts of the Passaic food pantry.

“We were thinking of another location, but the mayor called us and told us there was just a huge shortage of food,” explained one of Passaic Local 14’s finest – NJSPBA Executive Vice President Marc Kovar. “Sometimes, it’s easier to write a check, but to be able to pass out turkeys, to do something for people who can’t do for themselves, that makes you feel really good inside.”

Nearly 20 Local 14 members once again stepped up to work the turkey giveaway. Members of the State Troopers NCO and Mayor Hector Lora also came out to lend a hand.

Seeing them unload the truck full of turkeys and stage them on what might have been the biggest Thanksgiving table of the holiday was additionally heartwarming for those who helped. Even with the pandemic-required social distancing, members were able to interact with residents enough to see the thanks on their faces for receiving this holiday gift from Local 14.

“Working in Passaic for all those years, you see so many people down on their luck,” Kovar added. “I never thought I would be in this position to help people out like that. This turkey giveaway has become the best part of our Thanksgiving.

Woodbridge Local 38 makes a special delivery

Members of Woodbridge Local 38, with the assistance of Saker ShopRite of Woodbridge, successfully provided meals and smiles to 50 families throughout the township on Nov. 23. The members helped organize, shop for and deliver the special Thanksgiving food deliveries to relieve local families who were harder hit during the pandemic.

Old Bridge Local 127 provides dinner and dessert

Members of Old Bridge Local 127 and 127a took the morning of Nov. 21 to give back to the community. The members participated in the annual Thanksgiving donation at the Old Bridge Food Bank and created a drive thru event this year to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Thanks to the members, families were able to pick up a full Thanksgiving meal from the comfort of their cars. The event — with 75 turkeys and pies donated for local families in need — was made possible through the Old Bridge Department of Parks and Recreation and Social Services in partnership with the Department of Public Works.

Mercer County Conference gives back for Thanksgiving

The Mercer County Conference helped unload and distribute more than 600 pounds of turkey and 450 meals at St. Phillips Baptist Church in Hamilton on the morning of Nov. 23.

They also assisted with turkey deliveries to the Hamilton YMCA and distributed turkey at the Willing Workers Jerusalem Church in Trenton.

Manasquan Local 284’s truckload of food

When the Elizabeth Housing Authority called about an extra 200 boxes of food it wanted to distribute, Manasquan Local 284 went to help. Members of the Local transferred more than 7,000 pounds of packaged groceries to the Division of Child Protection and Permanency in the Southern Monmouth office on Nov. 16 using a Boar’s Head truck.