The right to privacy and to attend the Mini Convention

President’s Message 

Another successful Mini Convention is in the books. The meeting room was set for a record 1,360 people, and many of you were still standing in the back. And to the guy trying to find his hotel room at 7:45 a.m. while I was heading to breakfast, it’s a marathon, not a sprint, buddy. Better luck next year. And to the few (thankfully) directors and chiefs who continue to want to interpret the Convention Leave Act, it’s the LAW, not a contract issue. Shame on you.

If there has ever been a time for your officers to need a break and work on camaraderie, now is the time. They just aren’t just about you and your agency. There is a reason morale is low in your place. Maybe it’s time to look in the mirror.

We are faced yet again with a case of second-guessing journalists who seem to have an astounding understanding of police policy and procedure from the safety of their laptops. Police recently responded to a call from a person obviously in a deep psychiatric crisis. I’m not the only one in law enforcement to wonder why the video wasn’t released earlier to quell the rumors and doubts. Time will unwind the narrative, and time will tell us what was done right and what was done wrong.

We always debrief, and we can always improve, but I have a few simple questions for the armchair experts out there. Have you ever had a front-row seat to a person in a deep psychiatric emergency? In obvious tight quarters? Can you tell me how to vet a “crisis negotiator” in the middle of the crisis? Are you aware we are responsible for everybody brought into a scene? Are you aware a mental health crisis professional is killed just about every year?

I could go on and on, but you get the point. We don’t have the luxury to go back and edit the story like you do. And last time I checked, we can’t respond to calls via Zoom.

There is a terrible doxxing issue going on there, too. The time is now to sign up for protection under Daniel’s Law through Atlas Privacy. If you don’t know about either, please speak to your State Delegate ASAP. The time to sign up is not after an event. By then it is too late. Otherwise you might see your photo, your house, your business and your salary on a website.

Thank you for your attendance in Atlantic City, and thank you for your kind attention. Most importantly, continue to stay safe!