Union County Police Local 73 grins and beards it for local children’s hospital

Law enforcement officers have a certain look. They’re clean-cut, clean-shaven, with a tidy uniform to match. For most departments, growing a beard isn’t within the protocol, but in November, Union County Police Local 73 made an exception.

Twenty-three Local 73 members participated in No Shave November. They donated the money they raised to the Children’s Specialized Hospital in Mountainside to help children with cancer.

Local 73 State Delegate Jamar Hall explained why the members decided to let their hair down.

“It was actually pretty fun because you see guys with beards look totally different. You even see some of the older guys start to come through,” he commented.

When it came time to donate the money, almost $1,200 in total, Children’s Specialized Hospital had no idea. Local 73 members came to the hospital, and their visit proved to be a breath of fresh air for patients who needed a little pick-me-up.

“It’s good for them to feel like they haven’t been forgotten about,” Hall added. “So every once in a while, if you can go there and do a little something just to let them know they’re not forgotten about, even if we can’t be there 24/7.”

Hall says Local 73 plans to take part in No Shave November next year and for many years to come.